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ImageDeep Systems Ltd

Not Just Solutions, We Provide Results!

We solve real world problems by a combination of Automation, Cameras and Artificial Intelligence. Let us transform your business and protect your Assets and Premises.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd

Us In the Works

We used avant-garde technology to solve problems of our clients who were facing problems in their business related to safety, inefficiency, human error, time, labor cost and more. We transformed their work practices to enhance productivity and improve safety of their premises.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd

AI Solutions to Impel Your Growth

ImageDeep Systems Ltd

Real Time Surveillance

High resolution image analysis powered by sustainable energy sources. Our systems are easy to install and typhoon proof.


SHELi Patrol Dog

SHELi is fully customisable, remote controlled by GPS via 5G, equipped with real time voice activation, SHELi accesses and patrols the inaccessible landscape.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd

Reduce Security Costs

Live remote video surveillance. proactively deter crime and secure your business at a fraction of a cost of guards.


Health & Safety

Our personalised AI solutions will enhance health and safety for your business and public liability with real time reporting. Automated audit reports will reduce your insurance premiums too!


Streamline your Business

We integrate our AI solution technology to enhance operation efficiency, by reducing human errors and identify profitable opportunities to streamline your businesses.


Protect your Business

Everything we do is real time in terms of surveillance, monitoring and reporting, giving you the peace of mind that your business is safe with us.

Estimate the difference which ImageDeep brings

*Percentage potential saving per year is an estimate only. Based on a comparison to a team of 5 full time security guards with $15k monthly salary + mandatory MPF contribution,  excluding other relevant costs per security guard.

Disclaimer: Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. The content displayed is for general information purposes only.

Start saving with us today!


We Are Intelligent and Productive

We are trailblazers, evangelists, and convergent thinkers. We solve problems with smart, human-friendly machines to drive business value.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd
ImageDeep Systems Ltd
Smart & Secure Systems

We work with customers to deploy optimisation and AI digital transformation solutions supported by our in-house software teams.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd
Fully Licensed

ImageDeep is fully equipped with security bureau license Type 1 & 3 in Hong Kong, which allows us to install, record and provide security guarding services.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd
Professional Team

We are a Hong Kong based company with a multicultural professional team specialising in AI security and solutions.

ImageDeep Systems Ltd
Round the clock support

Our AI system and security control specialists do not sleep! We’ve got your back 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Put the Seal Of Trust On ImageDeep


Words that Spur Our Growth

ImageDeep Systems Ltd
ImageDeep Systems Ltd

21 teachers were needed in the rush hour of morning registration at the start of the pandemic. This was an expensive and a time-consuming process, as well as the risk of Covid-19 infection amongst the teachers and students. ImageDeep created a reliable and cost-effective fever and mask detection system, scanning in excess of 30,000 persons per month. We are very satisfied with their prompt response in providing a real time solution, protecting our staff and students from the risk of Covid-19 infection and putting parents’ minds at ease too.

Operations Director, Harrow International School

Jim Nightingale

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