Image Deep Systems, an AI Monitoring Company Ensures Hong Kong’s Construction Firms Minimise Risk.

Hong Kong, 22nd April 2020 – Today Image Deep Systems has announced the launch of its Risk Engineering Initiative for the construction sector in Hong Kong and throughout South-east Asia. Risk engineering services are positively affected by the timely availability of accurate and auditable data which Image Deep is uniquely positioned to offer.


Procedures need to be followed to be effective. Image Deep provides the video data required to confirm rules are followed and allows for easy and timely reporting and audit at each level of management. This has many applications across construction sites, from site security, to health and safety, to equipment operation and materials handling.


Moreover, if a procedure is not being followed correctly, timely intervention can prevent accidents, injury to workers, damage to materials and unnecessary delay. Image Deep provides live monitoring with on-site audio alarms to quickly prevent the situation from escalating.


Martin Brecknock, Managing Director, says “We work with leading construction contractors, insurance brokers and underwriters in the commercial insurance space to both reduce risk on the ground as well as improve the quality and quantity of data available for use in the sector. This will benefit all parties through improved procedures, reporting, audit and records. We will provide our partners with the data they need to inform the decisions they make and from the perspectives they make them.”


Niall Dorr, Head of Technology, stated “The investment we have made in developing our technology from the inside out by working closely with customers has delivered a phenomenal tool in that performance and processes can be measured with real time interactions saving the customers time, money and minimising risk to project” …


Image Deep was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. Image Deep Systems Ltd provides business intelligence solutions that enable construction firms to embrace aspects of Construction 2.0, a Hong Kong government led initiative.